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Eyelet Curtains Measuring Guide

Measuring curtains can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! follow our easy step by step guide to confidently measure your curtains.

*Please note: Ring top curtains usually contain ONE curtain per pack, please order TWO for a pair.

Measuring Width for Eyelet Curtains

 Step 1: With your metal measuring tape, measure the rod width; do not include the end finials. If you don’t have a rod, measure the width of the window from outside the architrave from one side to the other. If you would like to have your rod sit further past your architrave, take your measurement to the point in which you would like. This will be the size of your rod

 Step 2: Add an extra 20cm to that measurement to allow for coverage past the rod brackets. This provides additional light control and insulation

 Step 3: To allow for gather in the curtains, multiply the total rod width by 1.5 or 2 (depending on how full you like your curtains)

 Step 4: Select the number of curtains to suit (as each curtain is packed individually). For example, if your rod is 220cm wide, and you multiply that width by 2, you require curtains that add up to approximately 400cm flat width, to allow for gather.

Measuring Length for eYELET CurtainS

 Step 1: Measure from the top of the rod down to the desired length then add 3cm to allow for the heading of the curtain that sits above the rod. Select from the available lengths.