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Measuring Guide

If you’re unsure of how to measure windows, look no further.  We have step-by-step measuring guides for all of our curtains and blinds.  Just click on the links below!


  • Always use a metal tape measure. Do not use a cloth tape measure, as they can stretch
  • Always use EXACT millimetre measurements for custom made blinds. Measuring in centimetres for ready made products is fine.
  • Do not make any deductions from your measurements when measuring for custom blinds; the factory will do this for you
  • Measure each window individually as size variances are common
  • Measure the width first, from left to right, and then write it down. Clearly specify that this is the width
  • Measure the length next, from top to bottom, and write it down. Clearly specify that this is the length
  • It is easy to get your measurements mixed up so always write down the width first then the length, e.g. 150cm wide x 180cm length
  • Always double-check your measurements

Good luck! Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 763 056 or email us at info@curtainexpress.com.au if you need help with your measuring.

Links to how to measure windows for curtains and blinds:

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Eyelet Curtains

Roller Blinds

Venetian, Roman & Honeycomb Blinds