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Blinds Glossary

Types of Blinds


Roller blinds consists of a single piece of material that is attached to a metal roller poll and operated by a side chain. The material usually used for roller blinds is stiffened polyester, which can come in two different forms, blockout and sunfilter.


A Roman blind is a solid blind that is made generally out of polyester fabric. When it is drawn up, it folds up underneath itself into pleats.

Honeycomb (cellular)

Honeycomb/cellular blinds are pleated blinds with an inverse pleated layer behind them that form honeycomb/cellular shaped pockets. Due to the construction, the cellular pockets trap air and provide insulation. The pockets are quite small, therefore allowing the blind to stack up neatly across the top of the window frame taking up a minimal amount of space. Honeycomb blinds can come in blockout or translucent fabrics.


Venetian blinds are blinds that have horizontal slats that can be pivoted using a drawstring or tilting wand to assist in light control. The slats can be rotated upwards or downwards. Venetian blinds are usually made out of aluminium or wood.

Types of Blinds Fabric


  • Blockout fabric is fabric that is coated with layers of foam (otherwise known as ‘passes’)
  • This produces an opaque fabric that completely blocks out light and protects from heat, glare and UV
  • Blockout fabric is also useful in insulating homes and has noise-dampening qualities, due to their density and opacity

Light Filtering/Translucent

  • Light filtering fabric is made from the same fabric as blockout fabric, however does not have a foam backing, therefore offers daytime privacy and UV protection
  • It allows light to gently filter through the room while offering semi-obstructed views


  • Sunscreen fabric is an open-weave fabric that has approximately 5% openness
  • It gives daytime privacy without obstructing your views
  • It allows light to filter through whilst offering glare and UV protection and light control

Types of blind installation positions

Recess (INside) Mount

  • A recess fit, otherwise know as an ‘inside mount’, is where your blind sits on the inside of your window frame

Face (outside) mount

  • A face fit, otherwise known as an ‘outside mount’, is where your blind is fitted onto the front/face of the architrave of your window