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How sunfilter blinds can prevent sun damage in the home

Summer down under is only a few weeks away, yay! Don’t you love that feeling where you can see that seasons, they are a-changin’? The days are getting longer, the nights are feeling warmer, and we suddenly have a breezy, positive outlook on life. But with the joys of summer also come the perils! The heat and the intensity of the sun can sometimes be unbearable.

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And it doesn’t just stop with us, the way it beams into our homes with all of its UV Ray soaked glory can put our valuable belongings at risk of sun damage. And while we all love the sun dearly, at times we just need it to calm. down. So how can we reduce the risk of damage, while still enjoying what the summer sun has to offer? One option is installing sunfilter blinds. Sunfilter blinds can block out up to 95% of UV rays, while still allowing natural light to filter through without obstructing your views.

Sunscreen roller blinds in charcoal colour hanging in restaurant with ocean views
Viewscreen Sunfilter Roller Blind


Through direct, overexposure to the sun over a long period of time, the UV rays, much like it does with our skin, penetrates and breaks down the fibres of the items. This can cause them to deteriorate, crack, fade or discolour and generally damages them to a state beyond repair, which ultimately leads to expensive replacement costs.


We all know that foot traffic can wear out carpet; we’ve seen the threadbare flooring in our doorways! But it turns out that the direct UV rays from the sun are actually contributing to this wear and tear as well. The sun basically ‘cooks’ the fibre in the carpet, leading it to become brittle and therefore decompose. It can also cause fading and discolouration, which is particularly noticeable whenever you move the furniture! Unfortunately carpet can’t be repaired and can only be replaced, so while we can’t help the inevitable effects long-term foot traffic, putting sunfilter blinds on your doors and windows will certainly slow the process down, whilst also protecting your carpet from fading and discolouration.


Hardwood floors have many benefits. They’re easy to clean, they look great, and they create a healthier indoor air quality, as they don’t have fibres or embossing that can trap dust and other allergens. They can also be quite exxy, so hardwood floors are generally a long-term investment. While wood flooring is very durable, not much is immune to the strength of UV rays! Over exposure to sunlight can cause these floors to fade or discolour, and can even lead to warping in more extreme cases. By fitting your windows and doors with sunfilter blinds, you reduce these risks so you can rest assured that your long-term investment is paying off.


Much like carpet and hardwood floors, your furniture is also very prone to damage from UV rays. Leather goods can fade and dry out, which can lead to cracking. Upholstered furniture can fade and deteriorate while wooden furniture can become discoloured and possibly warp. Generally speaking, most furniture layouts can’t avoid being placed by windows as everyone wants to make use of their space as much as possible. By installing sunfilter blinds, you give yourself the freedom and flexibility to place your furniture wherever you like, without the worry sun damage.

Sunscreen Blinds in white colour hanging in modern lounge room with sunset ocean views
Screen Optic Sunscreen Roller Blind 


Artwork, family portraits and sentimental photos are very precious, sometime expensive, generally irreplaceable items.   The results of sun damage can be devastating, especially when restoration is difficult. Sun and heat damage causes photochemical reactions in such pieces, which lead to a breakdown in fibres and colours. Sunfilter blinds will greatly decrease the intensity of heat and UV rays, providing protection for your artwork. However, depending on the types of pieces you have (not all types of artwork are equally light-sensitive), it is sometimes best to place these objects in places where you have more control over light, such as hallways.

At Curtain Express we have both ready made and custom made sunfilter blinds, that suit every budget, which can help you take the first step in minimising the risk of damage and maximising protection for those household objects that are otherwise so expensive to replace!