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What are the best blinds for bathrooms?

Made to measure venetian blinds in white hanging in modern white bathroom with bathtub and cactus

We all love time in the bathroom; it’s our time. It’s sacred. But on a practical side, we all know that we need a little privacy in the bathroom. Yes, a lock on the door will keep your family members out, but what about the outside world? The best way to prevent yourself from accidentally putting on a show for your neighbours (😳) is by installing blinds onto the windows. So what are the best blinds for bathrooms?

The bathroom can be quite a harsh environment with all of the moisture and dampness. You want to make sure you choose the right blinds from the beginning that will last the longest, so you don’t have to continually be replacing them and therefore waste your money!


Faux-wood venetian blinds are made from a compressed synthetic compound and therefore effectively resist moisture, making them one of the best options for bathrooms. While real timber venetian blinds would be fine in bathrooms, they may have a tendency to absorb moisture if there is not good ventilation, which could cause them to bow and buckle. Faux-wood venetian blinds therefore give you the same look as timber, without the price tag and with more guarantee of longevity. We have ready made and custom made faux-wood venetians to suit every taste and budget.

Ready made venetian blinds timber look venetians hanging colour cedar
50mm Econo Venetian Blind – Cedar


Aluminium venetians are also extremely durable and highly water resistant, making them great blinds for bathrooms. Due to the properties of aluminium, the blinds do not rust or corrode, giving them longevity in harsher environments. Check out our ready made and custom made aluminium venetian blinds to find the perfect fit for you.

Three venetian blinds in black colour hanging in bright white modern office space
25mm Aluminium Slimline Venetian – Ebony


Roller blinds made from the right fabric are a smart option for bathrooms. Some roller blinds are made from fabrics that have a tendency to absorb moisture, which can create the perfect environment for mould. No thanks! Other fabrics, such as our acrylic coated blinds, create a wipeable surface on the blind, keeping it water resistant, making them the perfect blind for these harsher environments in the home.

Blinds hanging on window as a roller blind in stone colour
Sentosa Blockout Roller Blind – Stone

So whatever your taste may be, there’s a little something for everyone where you can keep your privacy in style and without the risk of damaging your blinds!