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5 styling tips to make you feel like you’re Ina Garten living in the East Hamptons – How easy is that!

Hands up who loves Ina Garten! Just as I suspected, everyone loves this woman. Obviously. But if you don’t know whom I’m referring to, let me enlighten you. Ina Garten is a Food Network deity who is the star of her own cooking show The Barefoot Contessa. She spends her time cooking for her beloved husband, Jeffrey (who’s more than likely being a busy bee writing his book) and their friends at their glorious East Hamptons estate. This is where she puts on bougie dinner parties with bougie ingredients from her bougie garden and bougie local delis. It’s the best. This scene from 30 Rock with Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy pretty much sums everything up.


As Ina herself would say, how bad could that be?!

If you have watched Ina on The Barefoot Contessa, you probably would’ve noticed, and subsequently envied, her perfect East Hamptons pad that matches her perfect life. Seriously, feast your eyes on these:


House with green grass and green trees under a blue skies
Ina and Jeffrey’s
Outdoor living area with cocktails in the sunlight
Cocktails with the Gartens!
Stone table on pavement outside home in green garden on sunny day

So why do we love the Hamptons style so much? Not only does the fresh, white and natural textured look create a relaxed, positive vibe in the home, it also ages gracefully, which is a great money saver in the long run!

Here are 5 tips to help you decorate your Ina Hamptons inspired home!

1. neutral colours

A rule of thumb for Hamptons style decorating is basically white on white on white on white, teamed with other neutral colours like sand, cream and ivory. For a pop of colour add shades of blue or green through plants, accessories or artwork. It’s all about keeping it breezy and natural!

Bedroom with white sheets and lots of pillows and cushions next to lamp and antique drawer with green plant on it looking into bathroom
Ina and Jeffrey’s bedroom and ensuite

2. textures

As you can see in Ina’s home, the textures are all very organic. This includes exposed wooden beams, wicker and linen décor and accessories, as well as furniture made from different types of wood. The natural textures blend into and also enhance the light, neutral colour palette, providing balance and creating a warm, comfortable environment. Layering these materials provides a depth to the home so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Antique wooden desk with wooden stool holding laptop, books, notes, plants and a handbag with picture on wall looking into living area with chair, lamp, white eyelet curtains and timber venetian blinds
No doubt where Ina comes up with her new recipes, classic Ina!

3. lighting

Lighting is extremely important when decorating a Hamptons styled home. While natural lighting is great and gives the home its fresh, sunbathed look, it’s also great to light up your home in a warm, ambient way in the evening. One way to do this is to create soft lighting by using lamps. By using multiple lamps and placing them in several points in the room, whether it is in each corner or on tables or counters, having multiple lamps brings soft lighting to every part of the room so you don’t need to use your over head lights as much, which can sometimes be a bit harsher and ruin the ambiance. Lamps are accessories that you can also mix and match; so don’t hold back with your creativity!

Dining room and kitchen with exposed beams, white and blue and sand coloured furniture with green plants, white windows, lamps and breakfast stools
The Queen’s stage complete with perfect lighting
Dining room with exposed beams and large, white windows with white curtains, table and chairs with food, books plants and wine on the table
Who wouldn’t want to be sitting here?!

4. detailing

This point ties in nicely with the first two tips of colours and textures. A great way to introduce colours and textures is through detailing and therefore keeping the base neutral. This way you can mix things up seasonally, or if you just need to freshen the place up. As you can see, Ina uses throws, cushions, wicker baskets and lots of plants to add depth to her home and give it her own personal touch. You could also add in some simple artwork that ties in with your chosen colour scheme. By adding these little touches, the space has warmth and feels more like a home and doesn’t run the risk of looking sparse.

Entrance space with white couch next to table with plant and candle, mirror on the wall between mini lamps
Coffee and buns on a wicker tray on ottoman with throw in lounge room in front of checkered chair next to lamp and windows with drapes and timber venetians
Coffee and buns for Ina and her boo

5. Window Dressings (of course!)

Like everything else I’ve mentioned, team with the theme of natural, bright, breezy and warm! Stay away from obvious patterns (subtle self-patterning can work) and stick to neutral colours. White or cream curtains work perfectly, as well as timber venetians, which add to the natural, textural elements. If you can’t decide between curtains and blinds, ‘¿porque no los dos?’ Just like Ina!

Bathroom with white walls and timber venetians on the windows with bathtub and towels and soap on a wooden stool
The Bathroom

So there you have it! With just a few steps you can have your pad looking like it’s straight out of East Hampton in no time – how easy was that?