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Introducing Florals Into Your Home

We know what you’re thinking; floral curtains can be outdated and belong in Grandma’s house. Wrong! Floral patterns and designs have had a massive resurgence recently and are a great option for decorating. Floral is a timeless design that can fit in perfectly to almost any style of interior. If you’d like to try working with florals but don’t know how to go about it, a great place to start is floral curtains.

Working with floral curtains can be a fun way to get creative and explore your self-expression. Whether you juxtapose a modern, edgy floral with a simplistic, soft interior, or you’d like to bring old world floral designs into modern architecture, your rooms are a blank canvas and florals are a great way to begin your unique creation.

So what’s the best way to decorate with florals without going overboard? The secret is to choose curtains and accessories that work together and create a cohesive story in the room. Therefore the main thing you should keep in mind whilst decorating is balance. As florals can be quite a bold option, you could choose to make the windows and the floral curtains a focal point of the room by keeping the walls limited to lighter, neutral tones. This will ensure that the room keeps an open feel as colours on the walls could drown out the floral and make the room feel smaller.

Another thing to consider when decorating with florals is pattern and tone mixing and matching. This can be quite a scary prospect as mixing and matching with patterns and tones can be a tricky thing to pull off well. However, the effort is totally worth it. For example, you might want to pick up one of the colours in the curtain and accessorise the room with that matching colour, such as a plain throw for your couch or a vase. You might even use that colour with a contrasting pattern, such as pin stripes, in cushions or pillows. You could also subtly accessorise with contrasting floral patterns, whether they be modern or traditional, bold colours or neutral tones, which can create an understated motif in the room.

Different types of curtain headings can also make a huge difference and offer you some flexibility when decorating with floral curtains. If you’re after a more traditional feel, then a gather heading, such a pencil pleat or pinch pleat, would be a great way to achieve this as they offer a more structured look. If you’d like your curtains to have a more modern vibe, then an eyelet heading is the way to go. The metal rings offer a great contrast, breaking up the floral pattern and becoming a feature in itself.

So whether your taste is more traditional, or leaning towards a more modern feel, floral curtains have a little something for everybody. They’re a versatile option that can breathe new life into any room, while giving you a chance to get creative and most importantly, have fun with design!