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Choosing Curtains and Blinds for Kids

Keeping up with your children’s ever-changing tastes as they grow older has the potential to be very pricey when decorating their bedrooms! So what’s the best way to style their room so that they feel like it’s their own special space, while at the same time you don’t have to break the budget every time a new trend comes along? One place to start is timeless, practical, quality window treatments.

Choosing quality, long lasting curtains and blinds is a great way to save money in the long term. But where to begin?! One thing to consider is the type of fabric you would like your children’s curtains or blinds to be made out of. For children’s bedrooms, we would recommend using blockout fabric. One of the main benefits of blockout fabric is that it completely blocks the light out. This will help your kids nod off to sleep for those daytime naps as it creates an artificial nighttime setting for them, which can help with getting their body clock into a routine. Blockout fabrics also provide insulation, complete privacy, and help with noise reduction, creating a comfortable atmosphere for your kids. For the best kinds of blockout window treatments, we would recommend blockout curtains, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds or roman blinds.

If you wanted more flexibility with light control, you could also mix and match different types of window treatments. Using venetian blinds or translucent or sunfilter roller blinds against the window is a great way to achieve daytime privacy whilst still allowing the light to filter through. Pairing these with blockout curtains would then give the additional benefits of insulation, privacy and complete darkness, allowing your kids to have the best of both worlds! You could also do this mix and match in reverse, where you use blockout blinds against the windows and add sheer or translucent side curtains, again for maximum flexibility.

Another factor to consider when choosing window treatments for children’s rooms is the colour. We all know that neutral tones are practical and timeless options for decorating, but they can be extremely boring for young kids! So how do you compromise so that they love the way their room is styled, but you don’t break the bank every time they quickly move on to another phase? One way to do this is to use a quality, neutral, blockout blind as the foundation of your window styling, that your kids can grow into, and pairing it with more inexpensive, colourful, readymade side curtains. These curtains will add the pop of colour and fun that kids love, yet they can be easily replaced at a low cost once the kids have grown out of them.

While styling your children’s bedroom can be fun and is a great way to get creative, the most important thing to remember when dressing their windows is child safety. Sadly, between one and two children die every year in Australia as a result of strangulation from corded curtains and blinds. When installing window furnishings in children’s bedrooms (and in any other room of the house), the best way to avoid danger is to install child safety fittings, such as tensioners and cleats, so that cords are enclosed or looped around and therefore not hanging down from your curtains or blinds. Install these firmly to the wall or window frame at a reasonable height so that children cannot reach them and pull them off. Other measures you can take to avoid danger are making sure that cots, beds, playpens and highchairs are well away from any windows. Also avoid putting sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases, shelves, or any other pieces of furniture that children can climb near your windows. There are also cordless options for curtains, blinds and curtain tracks that provide a safer alternative.