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Sheer Curtains: The Star of 2018 – Benefits and How to Style Them

Fashion and design trends have a way of always finding their way back into the spotlight after a certain amount of time, and sheer curtains are no exception. These chic window treatments are having their moment in 2018, and we can see why! Thanks to ever evolving architectural trends, where open plans and the use of natural materials and colours are leading the way, sheers are the perfect accompaniment for these types of designs.

Because of their minimalistic design, sheer curtains are extremely versatile and have the ability to blend into any kind of style of home or commercial space. The lightness of the fabric allows them to drape beautifully, creating an atmosphere of breeziness and effortless elegance. They are also extremely affordable, allowing you to deck out your house or commercial space without breaking the budget.

Ready Made Asina Sheer Pencil Pleat Curtain
Asina Sheer Pencil Pleat Curtain

The traditional sheer generally comes in a white or an off-white, which will suit any setting. If you’d like to create a classical, intimate vibe in the home, and you have darker furniture and materials, classical sheers offer a great contrast that ooze sophistication and refinement. Alternatively, they’re also perfect for minimal, coastal style homes that boast fresh, white hues, as they tend to blend into the décor and open up the room.

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Aiden Sheer Pencil Pleat Curtain

The more modern styles of sheers that we’re seeing alongside traditional sheers in 2018, offer a little more pizazz with a variety of colours and patterns. From deep, moody colours, to a modern twist on pin stripes, these new age sheers are not only a great option for bedrooms and living spaces, but also commercial spaces, as they offer style and versatility. They are a fantastic way to achieve privacy and intimacy in restaurants, not only from the outside world, but within the restaurant also, as they can be used to section off different areas to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. The vast range of colours and patterns will lend itself to any kind of décor, allowing this modern trend to enhance any kind of space.

Urban Sheer
Urban Sheer Eyelet Curtain

Sheer curtains, particularly coloured and patterned sheers, can also be a stunning feature in hotel rooms. The decorative options are obviously endless, however the real clincher in this case is the versatility. A common practice for hotels is to add a separate, blockout lining behind the sheers. This allows for full privacy, darkness and insulation, without compromising on the sophistication of sheers, allowing them to remain a feature of the room. Once the separate blockout lining is drawn, the sheers can still be enjoyed as a standalone feature, giving you the best of both worlds. The idea of sheers with a separate blockout lining is also a fantastic styling option for within the home, especially in rooms that require privacy such as living areas and bedrooms.

While sheer styling options are a plenty, they are also extremely practical for several reasons. Firstly, they give you complete privacy during the day, without obstructing your views. So whether your coastal pad has ocean views that you don’t want to miss out on, or you find that your windows directly face your neighbour’s windows, but you don’t want to block out the natural sunlight, then sheer curtains are the perfect option for you.

As well as giving you daytime privacy, sheer curtains also bear the brunt of the harsh sunlight and it’s UV rays. So while they can’t block it out completely, they can reduce it’s impact and help in protecting your furniture and carpet.

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Aria Sheer Pencil Pleat Curtain 

To achieve the breezy look of sheers, but to also enjoy the additional benefits of blockout material, they can paired with blockout blinds and be used as side drapes to soften the structured look of blinds, or they can also be used behind blockout curtains for daytime privacy.

All in all, there is a reason that sheer curtains are back in fashion, and we are so here for it! From their simplistic elegance to their versatility, you can be as bold or as minimalistic as you like. With sheer curtiains, you can have all of the creative freedom in the world, giving you the opportunity to make your home or commercial space look like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine, at just a fraction of the cost!